Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weighing In #21

It’s Wednesday - time to weigh in again. This week I didn’t lose or gain any weight. It surprises me that I didn’t gain anything. I had a REALLY rough week last week. If it could happen, it did. The week ended with the transformer being struck by lightening and we were without power for 28 hours! Good thing we had a generator!

I didn’t keep good track of my points last week. I’m going to try to keep better track this week. I’m also going to consider not following a point system. I’m thinking that once I am done with work and at home all day I’ll be too busy to keep track. We’ll see. I did notice one thing this past week. The breakfast cake I was eating was more points that I thought. I didn’t notice that it was 2 servings until yesterday! So, it was 12 points not 6…OOPS! No more of those for me! I have found that I am not eating as much at work or even in the evenings when I am at home. So, I’m going to do a test “Does your job make you fat?” My last day at work is supposed to be August 14th (hopefully it will be sooner). I’m going to put that quote to the test. I’m thinking it’s true – or at least MY job. I’m already noticing the decrease in my appetite.

Working out? I did get back into working out on Wednesday and Thursday a.m. I did swim a few laps in our pool, some exercises and “ran” and jumped in the pool while carrying my youngest son around, mowed the lawn (thought I sweat out a pound or two, and went for a bike rid Sunday evening. I’ve been working on some projects at home too so I’ve stayed busy. I need to get back into a routine and stick with it. I really want this weight to come off.

My plans – make better food choices and workout more. I’d really like to see at least a 2 pound weight loss next week!I hope everyone else is doing great at reaching their weight loss goals.

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