Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Laid off – count down to my final day (19 working days to go)!

Well, it was another wasted day in the life of a laid off worker. I unpacked my tub that the movers had delivered to my new cubicle. I even wiped down the whole desk, overhead bins included. My desk is really clean and bare right now.

I was supposed to train a co-workers yesterday on an "important" report that I run. They chose to turn it into a 10 minute meeting and didn't want to go over much. Ok by me but just remember - don't call me with questions once I'm gone! It will cost you to get information out of me! (Wow, did I really say that? Let's just say it's not easy coming to work when you know your days are numbered.)

That's it...nothing exciting unless you call check out the blogosphere and requesting freebies fun. Wait, I do!!! As a matter of fact, I guess I need to be adding my blogroll to my sidebar. Maybe tomorrow...

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