Thursday, July 17, 2008

Laid off – count down to my final day (21 working days to go)!

Today was basically the same as yesterday. I ran my morning report then started rebuilding a few databases. We had a team meeting this morning too. It was rather odd. It was the "normal" meeting. We didn't share what we had going on and what was needing to be done, on an individual basis.

The other team members received a list of my applications that they would be taking over upon my departure from the company. I was asked by one co-worker "When do you want me to take a look at them?". Duh! As soon as possible, I hope to have everything transitioned by the end of the month so I can be let go early!

At 3:00, I received an email from an Executive Vice President. He wanted me to call him at 4. What?!?! I leave at 3:30! I mumbled some words under my breath and replied "I will call you at 4."

I have to keep telling myself - be a good girl, you need your severance package. But I have to tell you, this one of the hardest things I have done (working after being told you have been laid off)

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Anonymous said...

that must be hard to do, to work after you have been laid off, hang in there! I have been running awhile...I happen to be in the military so, running is in my job description, but when I had the baby, I stopped and now i am starting to get back and I am working on increasing my speed. I do love running!! thanks for stopping by