Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Food and Exercise Log - 7/2/2008

This is the start of a new week and a new outlook on this diet thing.

Daily Allowance Points: 27
Weekly Allowance Points: 35

Iced Coffee (3 points)

Jell-o Sugar Free Fat Free 60 Calorie Banana Fudge pudding (1 point)

Smart One Pepperoni Pizza Smartwich (6 points)
Strawberries (1 point)
Fiber One Strawberry Yogurt (1 point)

Smart One Italiano Calzone (6 points)

2 - Mini Cheesecake (6 points)

Daily Points Used: 24
Weekly Points Used: 0

No exercise.

Overall thought: Not really too bad in the food department. I could have added some veggies to dinner but it was getting late. I don't normally like to eat after 8:00pm. My fiance comes home tomorrow so I wanted to get some stuff done. Nearly everything is done except mopping the kitchen floor. I can do that quickly after work tomorrow.

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