Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food and Exercise Log - 7/3/2008

Thank goodness this is the last work day for the week!! I have been swamped at work and have been staying busy at home trying to get things cleaned up and sorted to get rid of things.
I have an appointment @ Fitworks today to get my $25 in FREE Gas! Not only will I get FREE gas, I will also get a workout. A win-win situation!

Daily Allowance Points: 27
Weekly Allowance Points: 35

Iced Coffee (3 points)
Weight Watcher's Smart Ones Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich (5 points)

Combos (6 points) What was I thinking?!?! Eating because I'm tired and bored.

Smart One Italiano Calzone (6 points)
Fiber One strawberry yogurt (1 point)
Strawberries (1 point)

Pizza (12 points)

Daily Points Used: 27
Weekly Points Used: 7

No exercise.

Overall thought: Well, besides the Combos and pizza today was a pretty good day. I stopped by Fitworks for the certificate for a free gas card. They have a really nice facilities so I am going to go for my 14 day free trial. I think I'll check out the Cardio movie theater. I got lots of tips from the trainer and I plan to get many, many more tips and helpful information.

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