Monday, July 28, 2008

School Supply Sales @ Office Supply Stores

Here's a list of school supplies that are on sale at office supply stores. The kids and I headed to Staples yesterday to grab up some of the offers. Today, my mother and I headed to Office Max and Office Depot to see what they had left. Office Depot didn't have anything left except for the colored pencils.

Slider Pencil Case .01¢ (Limit 2 per customer)
2 pocket Plastic Report Cover .20¢ (Limit 10 per customer)
Staples Mini Stapler .25¢ (Limit 3 per customer)
Assorted Bic Pens and Highlighters .99¢

Free after rebate:Electronic Pencil Sharpener $14.99- $4.99=$10-$10 Easy Rebate=FREE
(pay $10 in store, get a $10 rebate)

Office Depot (each items is limited to 5 per customer)
Office Depot School Glue .01¢
Office Depot Faux Wood Ruler .5¢
Office Depot Brand Marble Composition Books .30¢
Crayola Colored Pencils 12 pk .50¢

Wilson Jones Assorted 1" Poly Binder .50¢
Tug Brand Backpacks $2.99

Free after rebate item for this week:
Ticonderoga Dry Erase Markers 4-pk $3.99 (Limit 1 per customer)

Office Max (each item is limited to 3 per customer unless otherwise noted)
Schoolio Von Hoolio 12" Ring Binder Ruler .01¢
Schoolio Von Hoolio 24ct Crayons .01¢
Sharpie Mini Highlighter .05¢
Schoolio Von Hoolio Assorted Grips and Erasers .25¢

ACME Blunted or Pointed Kids Scissors .25¢
300ct Index Cards Ruled or Blank .99¢
OfficeMax 5pk Pink Erasers .99¢
Microban 5" Scissors .99¢

72ct Yellow Pencils $1.99
8 tab Insertable Dividers .99¢ (Limit 4 per customer)

I'll post my purchases later this week. I didn't get much since I have a stash of school supplies but I did get a few deals.


Shirley said...
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