Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weighing In #19

It’s weigh in day again! Weigh in days are sneaking up on me pretty quick these days. Well, again there was no weight change. This could be a good thing if I wasn’t planning on attending my fiancé’s 30 year class reunion in a month. Now I really need to get serious about staying in my point range and motivated to exercise. I have one month and it’s not looking too promising. I’m definitely not going to drop the other 53 pounds that I wanted to lose but I might be able to get another 8-10 pounds off.

My eating the past couple days has really improved. I’ve started to post my Food and Exercise logs again. I didn’t go over my points Monday or Tuesday so, I believe, I am back on track. I think my dental mishap helped me to keep from eating some of the foods I really wanted. Since I can’t get in the dentist for a week, maybe my bad habits will be broken by the time I get my tooth filled or pulled.

Workouts – what are those?!?! It has officially been over a month since I worked out. I’m not proud of that either. I WILL get back to exercising this week. As far as fitness classes, I will probably pass on those this week since the schedules have been revised for the holiday weekend. I do have two fitness tapes at home that I borrower from the library that I might give a try – Jillian Michael’s Shape Up – Backside and Yoga Booty Ballet Live.

What’s my plan? The same as I said last week “Get my bottom in gear!” I need to get back to my Couch to 5K program. I need to get up in the morning to walk on the treadmill (no matter how tired I am). Then I need to workout after work, take a bike ride with the kids or go on a walk with the kids. I also need to make sure I stay within in my point range and write down every little crumb bite of food or drink of beverage (other than water, I drink a whole lot of that!!) that goes into my mouth. I don’t know what else to do, do you?

Hopefully everyone else is on the right track towards their weight loss goals. Don’t give up like I did last week. Trust me – it won’t make you feel better.

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Andrea said...

I gave up last week and I'm paying for it this week! At least you didn't have a gain, right :-) Keep it up girl, it will come off!!!