Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food and Exercise Log - 7/9/2008

Daily Allowance Points: 27
Weekly Allowance Points: 35

Breakfast: Coffee (3 points), Breakfast Cake (6 points)
*Not off to a good start. I need to ditch the breakfast cake and move on to something a little more healthy like my Special K with fruit.

Lunch: Progresso Light Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup (0 points), Toasted Cheese Sandwich (3 points)

Dinner: Homemade Mac & Cheese (7 points)

Dessert: Chocolate cake (5 points)

Daily Points Used: 24
Weekly Points Used: 0

Exercise: Walking/Jogging (Couch to 5K) - 20 minutes, 1.42 miles, 235 Calories

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