Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Food and Exercise Log - 7/1/2008

I’ve been pretty busy today! I’ve got a lot of work that needs to be done and my computer isn’t cooperating.

Daily Point Allowance: 27
Weekly Point Allowance: 0

Iced Coffee (3 points) – I’m lovin’ my $.79 gas station iced coffee!
Jell-o Sugar Free Rice Pudding (2 points)

Turkey Sandwich (4 points)
Progresso Light Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup (0 points)
Jell-o Sugar Free Fat Free Banana Pudding (1 point)

Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza Smartwich (6 points)

Dirt Cup (7 points)

Daily Points Used: 23
Weekly Points Used: 0

Again, no exercise. I really need to get with the program but with my fiance gone I am able to get SOOOO much done.

Overall thought: I wish I could stay within my point range everyday! Pretty good day. I really didn't have the "hungry" feeling all day. I just ate because it was time!

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