Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laid off – count down to my final day (22 days to go)!

I’m going to start a daily post for the next 26 days (or until my employer finally tells me to go) about working after being told you have lost your job.

If you haven’t been laid off before, I have to tell you it’s the worse feeling. For me, I felt like a LOSER! It broke my heart when my boss, of almost 9 years, told me my position was being eliminated. Not only that but I was the only one on our team and there’s another team member that does less than I do, has less experience and less knowledge of the applications that we use. I’ve pretty much gotten over most of that at this point. I’ve been told it will get better and that things happen for a reason. Hopefully it’s a good reason.

The one thing that upsets me the most is leaving friends. I’ve worked at my current employer for 11 ½ years. I was 19 years old when I was hired (turned 20 years old 5 months later). It was a great feeling to have a full-time job making quite a bit of money without having the college degree that was required. Now that parts coming back to bite me (not having a college degree).

The bad part is I have to work until August 14th. It could have been worse though. It could have been my whole 60 day notice period.

So, what am I doing at work today?
I’m rebuilding a database for the secretary, building a database for a quarterly report for lead opportunities, and training my co-workers. I get to train the co-worker that I talk to on a semi-regular basis and that has my cell phone number. Don’t like to burn bridges but once I am done…I am DONE, don’t call me for help.

I’ll update this post today if anything exciting goes on; otherwise, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

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