Thursday, July 3, 2008

CVS Shopping Trip - Week of 6/30

The other night we needed some gummy worms for our Dirt Treats so we headed for CVS. I don't dare go to Super Wal-Mart for just one item - it's not worth the time and hassle! I forgot that it was the first of the month and didn't check out any of the deals online so I grabbed a book to see what they had for the month. Then off through the store I went...

Here's what I got...

2- CVS Pantiliners
2- CVS Tampons
2- CVS Cleaning & Makeup Remover Wipes

Gummy Worms
2- candy Baby Bottles (young son took one before I could take the picture)
2- candy bars (oldest son took one before I could take the picture)
50 ct CVS plastic Party Cups (for Dirt Treats and Pudding Pops)
Diego Garden Tools (75% Clearance - $.99!!)

I earned $10.96 in ECBs - teal items(tampon ECBs did not print correctly - note was left for manager and I emailed customer service).

Total OOP: $1.38 (not bad when it wasn't a "planned" trip and I had both kids with me)

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