Monday, September 15, 2008

Wind Storm - Ike Remnants

Yesterday, we experienced hurricane strength winds. There wasn’t rain to go with it…just lots of wind. In North Dayton, there were wind speeds reported near 70 MPH. In the Dayton area (DP&L), there are still approximately 200,000 customers without power. They are expecting some of the outages to last through the weekend. Our friends and neighbors near Cincinnati (Duke Energy) are also experience a high number of outages. At last check, the number of Duke Energy customers in Ohio without power was approximately 600,000. These outages could last at least one week.

The only damage that we had was some shingles from our roof blew off. Nothing major though. There were a few times that our power had flickered but I was had the generator ready to go if the power did go out. As we went out last night and today, we found that many of the neighborhoods in our area are without power. Gas stations are without power. This is causing a supply shortage in some areas. Bags of ice are another item that is becoming hard to find.

I have family that was without power. I passed our generator on to them and offered other family members our other generator. I’ve also offered to make dinner and give them a place to stay that has electricity. None of my offers were taken. I can understand them not wanting to stay here but why not the warm dinner offer?!?

The wind storms have proven to be very difficult for many families – here in Ohio and other paths of the hurricanes. Many families are without power while others have begun the process of making insurance claims, cleaning up the debris, and/or adding up their losses. My prayers are with those that do not have power and hope that no one was injured as result of the extreme weather that pass through here. I know this was a real wake up call for us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in Columbus and there are trees down EVERYWHERE. It's amazing how much damage this wind did...

mom_of2boys said...

I was in shock for a while. My parents live just south of Dayton and they still do not have power.

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you're safe! I'm just now making my bloggy rounds and was curious to see how things were for ya!