Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shopping Deals - CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, Kroger AND Target

This week was a shopping week for me, not only shopping but a stockpiling week. You can read about my Meijer trip from earlier in the week here. I think I hit just about every store in the neighborhood this week.


While we were there, they had marked their summer clearance items from 75% off to 90% off. They had a LOT of stuff but nothing that I really needed. We did pick up a couple of their clearance items though.

Total oop: $1.48

Earned $5 in ECB


Total oop: $6.02

Earned $10 Register Reward (Robitussin)

I saw on Coupon Cravings that you could get the Nestle Fun Size Candy for cheap. I went for it; however, the Easy Saver coupon is for the miniatures. They would not accept the coupon for the fun size.

Total oop: $9.14 (used the Register Reward from 1st trip to get that oop)

Earned $14.50 Register Reward


I saved 51% on my groceries! I got two good catalinas too…$3 off next trip (from the Capri Suns, which I need to go get more of since both kids take them for school now) and $5 off my next $25 grocery purchase.

Another Lysol/Spray & Wash trip. Cutter products were 50% off so I used up all my $1 coupons. Total oop: $1.24 saved 96%!


My Kroger trip was the least savings this week. I only saved 40% but we stockpiled on soup. We also picked up all of our meat for the next two weeks.


I had to get my oldest son a water jug for soccer (his busted at the last game). But yesterday I had seen Mommy Snack's post about Cheetos and added those to my list. The frames were 50% off and we needed them for the kids' pictures we recently had taken.

Total oop: $9.92 (water jug missing from picture)

That's all the shopping for me this week. I was over budget for the week but since we had only been out the past two weeks to get bread, milk and a few other little things...I'm actually still under. I probably won't have another big grocery week for weeks - maybe another 5 like a while back.

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Andrea said...

OK, I never get those $5 off $25 at Meijer. You're lucky :-) Glad you got some frames. That was a super deal!