Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - My Dungeon (turned Closet)

Ok. Since I’m not working, I need to start tackling things around here. Today, it was going to be the kitchen which really needs it but I decided on my closet. Oh, it was a nightmare (that’s why it’s taken me so long to get this post out here). In our 999 sq ft home, we don’t have much closet space so I use my closet to hang clothes and to store anything and everything. As a matter of fact, my fiancé had to build him a closet for his clothes. I took over ours…as you can see in the before pictures.

This is almost all the clothes that I had in my closet.

This is the junk on the floor (a little bit of everything).

Lastly, the junk on the shelf (college stuff, scrapbooking stuff in one box, pictures in another...)

Believe it or not, I could get to everything I needed. I knew where things were too!

Here’s the after. I have nothing on the floor and room on the shelf!

The after resulted in 2 huge bags of trash, 8 boxes of clothes, and 1 box of shoes to sell in our yard sale next weekend! I am so glad this is done.

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AmyK said...

Wow, looks good!! Nice job. I should do the same; my closet is trying to take over the house...

The Happy Housewife said...

wow! great tackle! I am sure you will love your "new" closet!

Z said...

Your before and after pics look impressive! You did a great job! :)