Friday, August 1, 2008

Fitness on Friday - 8/1/2008

 Fitness on Friday

It's Fitness on Friday again! On Wednesday, I did report a 1 pound weight loss (read about it and my “new” goals here). Basically, I’m taking a couple steps back. My weight loss lately hasn’t been that good (little to no weight loss). I’m going to concentrate on my workout more than what I eat right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to eat whatever I want and how ever much I want. It’s just not going to be my biggest concern right now. Once I am done working, I will incorporate the food part.

Over the past couple month, I will indicate that I had no exercise. Even though I don’t exercise (walk on treadmill, weights, elliptical), I am usually doing something – housework! So am I still burning calories? You bet! Maybe not as many as I would like but at least it’s something. Want to know what your calorie burn is? Check out this website. You enter your weight and the minutes of the calculates the calories burned.

Maybe houseworks isn't as bad as I thought! Visit Bye Bye Fat Mom to see how others are doing.

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