Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Shopping Deals - Week of 7/26-8/2

I wanted to share a couple deals that I picked up this week. Who would have ever thought you would get excellent deals at a gas station? Not me, but we did. We originally planned to pick up 2 donuts (for the kids) and an iced coffee at Speedway. When we walked in, they saw another kid with a Frozen Pepsi so they had to have one of those instead of the donuts. It was 10 cents cheaper per item anyways. We checked out with those and I got a coupon to get my coffee for free. When I was filling up my cup on of the attendants came over and gave me 3 coupons for free personal pan pizzas. Total OOP: $1.58! The next deal was at Staples. Our store had a sign that read "One offer per customer per day!" So, we couldn't get the deal, take it to the car, and go back in to do it again. So, we only got 6 pencil cases.
Total OOP: $.06
On Monday, my mother and I spent our lunch hour picking up school supplies. We went to Office Max to get 3 rulers and 3 highlighters. Then to Staples to get a few more items...2 staplers, 3 pencils boxes.
Total OOP: $.71
The last shopping trip for me this week was the Flower Factory. I don't usually purchase too many items at this store but I found a few things we could use. The CAUTION sign goes perfectly with my youngest son's construction themed bedroom. Then I picked up the farm animal kit for my youngest son to use when we cover farm animals.
Total OOP: $2.65
I still need to go to the grocery this weekend since I haven't been in a month and our meat supply is low. This is my fiance's reunion weekend so I'll try to squeeze it in at some point.

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