Friday, August 29, 2008

Fitness on Friday - 8/29/2008

 Fitness on Friday

Now that things have calmed down around here, I'm back for Fitness on Friday. This week I reported a one pound weight loss (read about it
here). It's not much but I am happy with it.

Want to hear my tip for this week? Create a motivation board. Add things that would motivate you to lose weight.

Here's what I have on mine... My fiance and I would like to go to Montego Bay next year so I added the page out of the Sandals book. I loved the dress that JLo had on for her cover shoot for SELF. When I lose my weight, I will try to find one similar that fits my budget. Other than that, I include a before picture, the latest progress and a goal picture (I removed my pictures). I will add to it as I find things that I want to purchase or do - like adding a wedding dress (maybe soon, that's a different story though). This was very cheap and easy to make. It hangs right next to my desk so I see it everyday and anyone that walks in my family room sees it too. I have nothing to hide!

How do you stay motivated?

Visit Fitness on Friday's to see how others are doing and/or tips they have to offer.

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