Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Deals I've Gotten...

Ok, I've been a little busy the past couple weekends and haven't been able to post my deals. I wanted to share today's freebies and the deals I got the past two weeks.

A couple weeks ago our local newspaper had a church ad about FREE Produce on August 30th. I wasn't going to go to it but we were out and about so we stopped by the church. We got a bag of green beans, 8 apples, 6 pears, 8 potatoes, red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, basil and 6 ears of corn on the cob. The cost NOTHING! Come to find out, this is the 2nd time they have done this and are planning on doing it again. So, watch your papers - you never know what freebies you might come across!!

Other than that, the only other shopping trips I've had was

Walmart - For packages of wipes and a gallon of ice cream, total OOP - $.74!!

JCPenny on the 19th to use a $10 off $10 purchase. Next time the coupon is in the paper again. I will pick up extras and plan a little better. I got the kids each a shirt for a total OOP of $4.34. I saved $26.12!!

My first grocery shopping trip in 5 weeks and I saved almost 50% on my shopping trip to Meijer and Kroger. Not bad when you think that the only thing I picked up for 5 weeks was bread, milk, juice, and buns!! We were completely out of meat which meant big bucks and little savings on those purchases. There were a lot of items that I purchased for my stockpile - something we eat that was at a good price! Plus, I have the TRY ME rebate that was on the box (here's a link to it too) on the Frosted Mini Wheats. (If you missed my post about them, you can read it here.) We even picked up 2 free backpacks that my youngest will use next year and possibly the year after (if he doesn't go through two next year).

Interested in more deals, check out Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday.

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