Friday, April 3, 2009

My Shopping Trips: March

I haven't been posting my shopping trips lately because there hasn't been much to post about. Most of my trips this month were for bread, eggs, milk and produce. We've been trying to use up our stockpile since our cabinets and freezer were busting. We don't have a pantry but I do have a couple "extra" cabinets that have been dedicated to stockpile (except for the bottom unit is now for outdoor toys). We've made some progress. I might get back to monthly grocery shopping this month.

Here's a couple of my recent trips:

CVS (March 28) - no picture

I had a $10 ECB from the CVS Advisory Panelthat I needed to use before it expired. I picked up some eye drops for my fiance'. He needed them since he had just had lasik (perfect time). I also got me a Fuze Empower drink.

Total: $0.73 and earned $2.00 ECB

Walmart - two stops
A candy bar is missing from the first son couldn't wait until we drove home.

First Total: $0.32 Second Total: $7.42

Franklin Covey
I wouldn't have stopped on the 22nd for the free planner, if we weren't in the area of the mall. We had went to the Thunder Nationals near the mall so I stopped.
Total: FREE ($120 value)

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