Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Shopping Trip - Week of 4/12/09

It was a pretty boring shopping week for me. There wasn't a spectacular savings. We didn't really need a lot of groceries as we are still trying to use up some of our stockpile. I made two meals this week from Easter leftovers.

Sam's Club

With baseball season comes team treats. I picked up juice and chips. Not the healthiest of treats but it was easy. My older son will also use the chips for lunch.
Total OOP: $27.60

Entenmann's Outlet Bakery

I need to restock on a few Weight Watcher items.
Total OOP: $4.08


This was a quick trip. I really need to get some produce, cat food, and yogurt. There were a few items that weren't planned. I had to take my youngest son with me which always results in unplanned purchases.
Total OOP: $37.29 (saved 46%)


I really don't care to shop at Walmart. It seems like they always miss scan coupons. It took me 20 minutes to check out with these few items. I went in looking for a printer table to go with a desk that I'm looking to purchase and decided to pick up a few free items while I was there as well as a light bulb for my curio cabinet.
Total OOP: $3.54

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