Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday - 4/29/09

If it's weight LOSS, I'll take it even if it's not a big loss. I lost 1.0 lb according to my scale and 0.8 lbs according to WW scale. I'm loving this weight loss. It does have me thinking - why didn't I do this sooner? I'm getting anxious as my goal #3 approaches - 20 lbs...just 4.4 lbs to go.

I really didn't workout this week. We had a packed schedule everyday. I was running errands while the kids were at school/preschool so I really couldn't workout during that time as I had been doing. I did workout on the elliptical on Friday. I ran into a few ladies that I used to take aerobics classes with and started talking to them - I missed my Cardio Blast class. I'm really going to get back to working out this week. I've already signed up for two aerobics classes.

Eating hasn't really been an issue this week. I've done really well with the exception of our date night. Eating wasn't the issue. It was my drinks. I did have two glasses of water for every drink to try to off-set the alcohol. So, instead of 3 drinks I could have probably ended up with many more had I not added the water and felt water logged. I had one of those "Why did I do that?" moments on Sunday when I was logging everything in my journal. If nothing else, it's something that I will learn from.

My goal this week is to drop 1.4 pounds and workout for at least 30 minutes 3 days this week. I've got 2 aerobic classes scheduled for this week. I'm excited to get back to aerobic classes. I felt so great when I was going to them on a regular basis a couple years ago. I quit when the aerobic instructors did. I've since found them and will go to their new locations.

How did you do this week? What challenges are you facing? Are you finding you are more active now that the weather is getting better?

Goal 12/31/09 56.2
2009 Weight Loss-to-date -12.4

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Goal #3 20
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