Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Shopping Trip - Week of 4/19/09

Another slow week for grocery shopping. I probably should go do some major grocery shopping some time soon - maybe tomorrow or Monday (or wait until it rains).

Entenmann's Outlet Bakery
I stopped by the outlet bakery again this week to get some fresh bread products. Total OOP: $4.14


My youngest son has really grown over the past year. He didn't have many spring/summer clothes so we went out to pick up some play outfits. I stopped by the consignment shop but couldn't see paying $4-$7 for used t-shirts when I could go to Walmart and get him new ones for the same price.

All items pictured below with the exception of the black and blue shirt on the right were purchased at WalMart. The other two shirts were purchased at Kohl's ($5.99 each).
Total OOP:$42.80 (6 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts)

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