Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: Where'd the batteries go?!?

Why search all over the house for that one single battery you need it, right? Or dig through more than 10 packs of batteries? Well, this is what I did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when I was putting batteries in some of the Christmas presents. I found many packages of the same size battery that had been opened and only one or two batteries having been removed. I had to find a solution. I did just that! While my fiance was cleaning our detached garage, he came across a storage box (probably some sort of tackle box). I scooped it up and brought it into the house. I organized our batteries. They are no longer just thrown into a plastic basket (still in their original packaging).

This is the packages that we had...
This is our nicely organized battery collection. Now I can see what we have and don't have as far as alkaline batteries.

I will give you one piece of advice...that I didn't know until I asked my fiance (good thing he's older and wiser, I guess). Don't place the 9-volt batteries tops against each other. It will cause a short circuit between the batteries that will produce heat.

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Masked Mommy said...

I really need to organize our batteries! They're always such a mess!

shevigirl said...

That's a terrific idea! I'm going to go tomorrow in search of something similiar for ours.