Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Works for Me: Free Gym Memberships - Updated

UPDATED 2/10/09 - Bally Fitness is now a 7-day free guest pass versus the 2 week guest pass that was available.

Back in April of 2008, I brought you this list of free gym memberships. Free gym memberships work for me! I like to add a little variety to my workouts and try new things. Depending on the gym, you may get access to a trainer. Since these memberships can range from a day – 30 days, I use this time to ask questions and get ideas of what I could do to help me lose weight (plus use their equipment). There is a catch to these FREE memberships. They will hassle you into purchasing a membership. If you are open with them and tell them upfront that you are not currently interested in joining, they normally leave you alone.

Anyways, since it's the start of a new year and many people usually have getting in shape, losing weight, or getting healthy as one of their resolutions. I’ve updated my small list of some fitness clubs/gyms that offer free trial memberships. I have found that just about any fitness club will give you a day or week free trial – just ask.

Another way to find free gym memberships in your area, is to search Gym Ticket for gyms/fitness centers in your area.

Urban Active Fitness – 14 Days of Fitness Guest Pass (bottom right corner)

Anytime Fitness – 7 days pass

LA Fitness – 3 day free pass (must be consecutive days)

24 Hour Fitness - 7 day free trial

Fitworks - Free 21 day Membership (bottom left corner)

Bally’s Total Fitness - Free 7 day guest pass

Dolphin Fitness Clubs - Free 7 day membership

NeoLimits - Free 5 day trial membership

Gold’s Gym – 1 day free membership

Free Stroller Fit Class – find a location near you, register then print your coupon

Ideal Fitness – 1 week free pass

Fitness 19 – 5 day guest pass (For locations, www.fitness19.com)

Fitness First (Ohio location) – Free week membership and free Yoga class

GlobalFit - 1 day free pass

Fitness First - 1 day free pass

Premiere Ladies Fitness (Ohio) – I didn’t find anything on their website but they almost always offer a free 30 day membership. I tried them out years ago on a 30 day free membership.

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