Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2009 Goals

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. They have never worked for me. However, I like the idea of reviewing life annually and setting goals for the next year. Goals are attainable; resolutions seem more like a task and are usually forgotten or broken.

Here are my goals. I will review them monthly crossing out the ones that I’ve accomplished or adding to them as I find fit. I know that there are probably some that I’ve forgot – not on purpose but because I have a mommy brain.

Personal Goals

    • Incorporate exercise into my daily routine.
    • Eat healthier.
    • Lose those unwanted pounds for good.
    • Eliminate more clutter around the houseget rid of the unnecessary stuff that’s just taking up space and has no purpose. And organize the rest.
    • Grow a garden this year.
    • Paint and update kitchen.
    • Become a happier person and learn to control my temper!
    • Visit with my grandmother this year (it’s been more than 5 years since we’ve visited with her- and the kids weren’t with us)
    • Prepare the youngest and myself for the first day of kindergarten. (I secretly cheer, "Hooray!!")
    • Add a clothes in the backyard - line dry clothes (this will help financially too.)
    • Purchase a water heater blanket (this will also help financially too)

Financial Goals

    • Get a full-time job with health benefits (if doesn’t happen in the first two months of the year, will move to the second choice – see below)
    • Look at starting a new career and starting the schooling for it.
    • Maintain my monthly budget and keep detailed records.
    • Pay down (or off) consumer debt. I will continue to pay as much over the minimum payment as possible. This will be harder to do since my budget is cut in more than half. These cards are no longer being used...I'm a cash (or check) only person.
    • Continue to save change. (I mainly only pay with dollars - no change. The change is saved to be spent as I want...either something I really want or like last year, spending money on our trip/vacation.)
    • Fully fund my Emergency fund by year-end (will be almost there by March – thanks to Save Yourself account).
    • Move 401K from previous employer to IRA and make regular contributions.
    • Save money for 2009 taxes. (Hopefully I won't have to collect too many unemployment checks before finding a full time job)
    • Look for ways to earn extra money while being unemployed.
    • Switch checking account to a new bank (no longer have completely free checking – employee status was removed at year-end).
    • Continue to clip coupons, shop sales, and stockpile to save money.
    • Teach at least one person to cut their grocery bill in half (if no one else, hopefully this is my mother) – last year I got a lot of people at work onboard with this and love to hear their success stories.
    • Check thrift stores and consignment shops for the little one’s clothes. (He’s growing like a weed. He’s already out grown clothes from September.)
    • Limit dining out to no more than once a week. We currently do this but as sports start back up in March things will get crazy again. Freezer meals will definitely be essential!

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