Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Few Freebies

Barbara’s bakery organic cereal

Dove Hair Care

Gas-X Thin Strips

Choose a free sample of Quaker Mini Delights or Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes

Bear Naked Fruit & Nut Granola

EAS Nutrition Bar (check the box next to the question "Are you interested in receiving a Free EAS Sample?"

Total Cranberry Crunch

Metamucil Berry Burst

Quaker Simple Harvest Multigrain Chewy Granola Bar


Sign up for Vital Juice Daily to receive daily health and wellness tips.

Keep the kids entertained with a Toby the Train Coloring Book. These are great to keep in the car to take into restaurants, doctor's office, or while riding in the car.

Get three free Pampers Gifts To Grow points with the code HAPPYHOLIDAY089.

Some oldies but goodies that are still available...

Free Fruit Roll Up sample

$10 Betty Crocker coupon booklet

$10 Pillsbury coupon booklet

Quality Health Free Winter Samples

Free Stuff for Baby!

Dinners Made Easy coupon booklet

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