Friday, January 2, 2009

$15 in Coupons From Pepsi/Frito Lay

It's that time of year again - coupons from Pepsi/Frito Lay! If you did this last year, you probably know how handy the Pepsi and Frito Lay coupons are.

Products must be purchased between 12/26/08 and 2/1/09. If you purchased any of the eligible products for a New Years Eve/Day Party, plan to purchase them for the Ohio State/Texas game or even the SuperBowl, save those receipts. Postmarked by 2/17/09. Allow 12 weeks for verification and delivery of $15 in savings coupons by mail. Conusmer will receive 5 $2 coupons to be used towards future purchases of Pepsi products and 1-$1 & 1-$3 to be used towards future purchases of Frito-Lay products. Coupons expire 9/30/09. Limit 1 by mail per address or household.

Click here for complete details.

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