Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Works for Me: Toy Catalogs

One of the things that Works for Me, during the holidays, is toy catalogs. It allows my kids to cut out pictures of what they want or interest them and paste them on pieces of paper. If they know what they want and it’s not in the catalog, we will search toy store websites or google the item (if they know the name or know what the items is). A lot of times I get the “you know mom, that one thing we saw at the store…” How is that supposed to help me? I see a lot of things at many stores.

I don’t like to take my kids shopping as it is…too many “I want’s” for me. My 4 year old has been known to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the store too. We try to avoid that as much as possible. I also don’t like to take my kids out in crowded stores during the holidays. This makes Christmas shopping a lot easier!

Now we limit them to 15 items. It may seem like a lot of items but with one birthday 2 days after Christmas and the other’s birthday being less than 3 months after Christmas it helps with birthday shopping too. I can pick up items when they are on sale for Christmas or clearance priced after Christmas.

We usually work on these lists in mid-November when all the toy catalogues hit the mailbox.

As far as their shopping, I make that easy too. I take them to the Tike Shop. They have “elves” that help the kids with their shopping and they even help them gift wrap them!

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