Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kroger E-coupons

For those of you that coupon and shop Kroger’s, you probably already know that you can load e-coupons directly onto your Kroger Plus card. When you purchase one of the items that you have an e-coupon for the amount is deducted from you bill. The only exception is the Upromise e-coupons. Instead of the amount being deducted from your bill, the amount is added to your Upromise account. You can read more about the Upromise e-coupons here. Remember to check Upromise monthly to add the new coupons.

The great part about e-coupons is you can combine them with manufacturer coupons! Your manufacturer coupon will doubled (up to $.50 and everything up to a $1.00 will be valued at $1.00). The value of your e-coupons are face value; they do not double. It can definitely make for some cheap or free items!

Two of the three ways to add coupons to your Kroger card are Shortcuts and P&G eSaver.

Just remember you can only keep up to 50 coupons loaded on your card. Since there’s a limit, you will want to be selective in choosing which coupons to load onto your card. You wouldn’t want to add coupons that you probably won’t use. It might come down to you not being able to add a coupon you really want to add and use.

The third one is Cellfire. Setting up your account is easy and I’ve heard you don’t have to have texting capabilities on your mobile phone (I have texting capabilities so I have not way of testing it). Once you complete the sign up process, you will receive a text message with a 5-digit confirmation code via text. This code will need to be entered to confirm your registration. Once that’s complete, you can add coupons to your card.

There is a limit of 10 Cellfire coupons per Kroger Plus card at anytime. Each coupon can only be loaded and used once per card. You do not have to use your cell phone to load or use the coupons. Loading the coupons online will more than likely save you from those unexpected mobile phone charges.

Once an e-coupon is used (from any of the sites), it is removed from your card. It may take 48-72 hours to be removed though. If you try to use the coupon again, it will not give you the savings twice.

NOTE: Cellfire offers other deals/savings not just grocery coupons. You can access these online coupons via your computer or mobile phone. You just send the deals to your mobile phone (in this case, you must have the texting capabilities) versus loading them to your shopper’s card. Using it at a retailer and/or restaurant is easy too, you just show them or mention the code and you get the savings. My fiance used a Cellfire coupon on Saturday night when he went to get the kids and himself a pizza at LaRosa's. I had sent the coupon to my phone (he doesn't have text) and he just mentioned the code for the savings.

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