Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Christmas Receipts

My Works for Me Wednesday post this week is very simple. However, I was quite surprised that there are several people (maybe even more than I know) that don't keep track of their Christmas gifts. I do get gift receipts for the items that I can but there are some cases that I will forget or places don't have them. When I get home or even sometimes while I'm in the store's parking lot or before I leave the store, I will write the recipients name on the receipt next to the item (as well as the gift receipt, if I have one). This helps me in many ways - to keep track of whom I have gifts, what was purchased and how much was spent. (I track all purchases in a spreadsheet as well but not while I am shopping.) Another way this helps is if we need to actually return an item and purchase a replacement gift at another store. In a case like that, the original receipt is needed. It's easier to find the correct receipt (especially when I have 5 Target receipts or 8 Wal-mart receipts and those are the stores I need).

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Debbie said...

Writing the name on the receipt is a great tip. Thanks.