Monday, March 9, 2009

Saving on My Prescriptions

A few weeks back I had told you that I saved on my prescriptions. I didn't have my vicodin prescription filled because I had keep the one from August when I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled. When I had the one pulled a few weeks back, I used my old but still good prescription. Last week when I had my root canal done, I didn't have the vicodin prescription filled because I still had pills left. I did have to have my Motrin 600mg filled. Since I'm unemployed and don't have health/prescription insurance coverage, I started calling around checking prices. I had the transfer coupon for Walgreens so I called there. It was $11.99 to fill my prescription but the FREE gift card was only for transferred prescriptions. I didn't have any other prescription coupons. So I headed to Meijer...

Did you know that Meijer accepts competitor prescription coupons? They sure do; however, they don't give you the face value of your coupon. They give you $10 off coupon for your next prescription and $10 off your next shopping trip. I probably won't use the $10 off prescription coupon since I rarely have prescription filled and it expires on 4/9/09. If I did, they would give me another $10 off prescription coupon when I had my next prescription filled. In all, you get a $10 off shopping trip and 2 - $10 off prescription coupon (only get the second one if you use the first). Meijer was $5 cheaper on the prescription as well. I paid $6.99 out of pocket and got those coupons. So, I actually "made" money - $3.01! Don't forget that Meijer has several free antibiotics too.

Speaking of prescription coupons:

There was one prescription coupon in yesterday's paper. It's for Target. FREE $10 gift card with any new or transferred prescription purchase. Expires 3/23/09.

The prescription coupon for Walgreens is still valid. It's for a $25 gift card on a transferred (only) prescription. It expires on 4/26/09.

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