Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weight Watcher's Weigh In - 7/11/2009

I did it!! I lost 3.6 pounds on the Weight Watcher scale this week. I hit the 30 pound mark (goal #4)!! I was able to put my next goal in place on Saturday. I will be trying to get to a weight loss of 38.2 pounds by August 8th.

One thing that I will be focusing on this week is getting 5 servings of fruits/vegetables of different colors. Yes, different colors. Did you know there were various colors of vegetables and fruit? Not just red fruit and green vegetables. (It's a joke.) Many people eat the same vegetables over and over and even cook them the same way each time. Sooner or later you'll get burned out. So, try adding vegetables to your meals...load your burger or deli meat sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers or add fruit to your cereal, English muffin or salad.

Getting to my goal #5 isn't going to happen unless I start working out. I need to get those tennis shoes on and hit the pavement, treadmill, elliptical or whatever it may be. I need to grab those weights and start reaching for the ceiling. I've really got to do something. You would be amazed at how little I exercise these days. If it weren't for cleaning, chasing the kids and walking here and there, I probably wouldn't have any physical activity in my day (since I returned to work).

My goal, as I mentioned earlier, is to lose 6.8 pounds before August 8. That's 4 weeks - about 1.7 pounds a week. Let the workouts begin!!

How are you doing on your weight loss goals? What's your goal that you're working on now? Are you trying to hit a certain weight or fit into a particular outfit?

Goal 12/31/09 56.2
2009 Weight Loss-to-date -26.4

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Goal #5 - Aug 8
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