Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

As you have noticed, I haven't been around too much over the past two weeks. I lost internet access for a while and trying to find computer time has been next to impossible. I'm working on it though. I'm hoping to have at least two days a week that I know I will be able to post and then try to squeeze in some time on other days. Hang in there...

Another loss for me, 1.6 pounds on my scale and 1.0 pound on Weight Watcher scale. It's great to finally have the weight coming off. At the beginning of the year, I had re-started my weight loss journey. I had many barriers in my way. I've found a way to work around a few of them and the others I got out of my way.

My eating has been on track. I've been grilling my fruits and vegetables at night to make it a little more interesting and flavorful. My favorite fruits are grilled peaches, pineapples and bananas. The vegetables vary. It depends on what we are having and whether they go directly on the grill or not. I haven't found one that I stick with like the fruits.

I've been working out this week with running then weights and stretching on opposite days. I've made it to the 2-mile mark. I can now run 2 miles without passing out or my side cramping up. I get a little bored after the first mile but I think of my goals and how far I have come with the running program - I can't give up now.

My goal this week is to stay focused on eating right and getting at least 3 workouts in.

How did you do this week? Did you try any new foods this week?

Goal 12/31/09 56.2
2009 Weight Loss-to-date -19.6

Weight Watcher Weight Loss (Updated on Saturday)

Goal #4 30
Weight Loss (since 3/11/09)

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