Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Return To Work...

This week I tackled going back to work full-time. It's something that I've been meaning to post about but my internet connection went away for a couple of days...actually, the modem broke.

Last Tuesday was my first day back to work. It didn't get off to a smooth start though. I had to run out to the store Monday night to grab a few items. I didn't get out of the driveway - my starter went out. My fiance' was able to get his mother's car for Tuesday...thank goodness! What a blessing! My other option would have left me in tears and bald... Work went good and some people were shocked to see me. I guess they should read my blog. They would have found out I was coming back.

Wednesday didn't go too smooth either. My son got sick. It was awful. Let's just say it left my sister sick to her stomach and my fiance' had to come home from work. I couldn't call off on my second day of work.

Thursday my fiance' had to head out of town for what he thought would be an overnight trip and return on Friday.

Friday my cell phone buttons quit working. If the phone rings and I get to it to answer it, I can talk on it. I can't text or dial out. NONE of the buttons work. I think my fiance' jinxed me. He was going to buy me a new phone for my birthday but I declined the offer. I wanted to stop my service when the contract is up which is a little over a month away.

On Monday, I had to attend a new employee orientation. It was pretty boring. I had heard it all before...after 5 hours, I was ready for lunch! My fiance' also had to head out of town again. Lastly, I got to the daycare 10 minutes before the daycare closed. I'm glad I wasn't late - it would have cost me $20. Then I get home and find out my modem is broken.

Now doesn't that sound exciting? Should I be happy that I returned to work? I wonder if all this would have been a big deal had I not been working. I'm thinking I would have blown most of it off but with being on the go constantly it seems like I can't get ahead of the game. Here's to a better second half of this week!

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shevigirl said...

wow...what a week you've had! I hope it gets better! Sending good thoughts and karma and all that stuff your way.

Cristy said...

It is always difficult going back to work full time, but wow, I would have to say yours was REALLY tough. Hopefully, with all that behind you, this next week will be much better. Enjoy your weekend.