Sunday, June 7, 2009

Giveaway: Woman's World Snack Pack

The giveaway is now closed...we have our winner - Denise!

Over the past couple weeks, I've had the opportunity to try some of Frito Lay's new products - Baked! Chips and Smart Food snacks. They are both very tasty! In my opinion, the Baked! Chips were better than regular potato chips. They didn't leave your fingers greasy after eating them. The Smart Food snacks were my favorite. Smart Food is popcorn clusters that come in great flavors: Honey Multi-grain, Cranberry Almond and Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan. They come in individual packages that have a calorie count of about 120. They are great for on-the-go snacking. Cranberry Almond was my favorite.

Previously, I had mentioned Only in A Woman’s World's funny webisodes of situations only a woman can appreciate. One of the features of the website is that you can become like one of the girls and create your own avatar. Here's mine...

Today I have a chance to giveaway one Woman’s World Snack Pack including a bowl, Baked!, Flat Earth and Smart Food snacks, and a two month subscription to NetFlix for the winner. The Netflix subscription sounds perfect and just in time for this summer.

Enter by visiting the Only in a Woman’s World website, trying out the new avatar creation feature and leaving a comment here to let me know what your ‘look-alike’ is wearing. Be sure to leave your email address.

The contest will close on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at midnight EST. I will notify the winner via email.


lmkirb said...

My avatar has on an orange shirt, tan pants, brown shoes and is holding a bag of Baked! chips!
What fun creating!!!
Thanks for the chance!!

ljane said...

Hi! My girl is wearing an olive green A-line dress with black heals and a black purse. =)

andrea v said...

Mine has brown hair and a red dress and crown.
vickers at comcast dot net said...

Too Funny. My "Look-alike" was Cheryl. Thats my actual name.
Thought that the came was very cute!!!!!!!!

CinnamonLaine said...

How funny! My look alike is wearing a pink short sleeve top w/jeans and flip flops. Casual girl all the way!

Denise said...

I have on a cute hot pink smocked top with khaki shorts. I added some big sunglasses! My son says it looks nothing like me. lol!
dgpangburn (at) juno (dot) com