Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday - 5/27/09

A great week for me! This week I lost 3.4 pounds on my scale. My WW weight loss will not be posted until Saturday/Sunday now since I'm at work during the time of my "old" meeting. I'm hoping it turns out as good, if not better!

This past week I was very busy. I don't think I sat still for more than 15 minutes at a time (as you can tell from my lack of blog posts). I completed a lot of work that needed done around the house which eliminated all that boredom eating. I wasn't as great on the working out since I was too busy with other projects. However, there were two nights that I ran for a mile straight. For those that know me, know that this is a great accomplishment for me. I am NOT a runner and NEVER have been...but I've always wanted to be and I'm making my way closer to my goal of a 5K.

My eating was great this week. We even went out to Outback for my birthday. Of course, I passed on the Alice Springs Chicken (15-16 points) but did enjoy some Blooming Onion. I can make my version of the Alice Springs Chicken for lower points so that's why I passed on it. For our cookout this past weekend, I had Fat Free Ball Park Franks (1 point) on a Lite hot dog bun (1 point) instead of a cheeseburger which saved me quite a bit of points.

My goal this week is to try to squeeze a workout in everyday. I don't know how this will work yet but I will figure it out this week. I'd like to lose 2 pounds too.

How did you do this week? What challenges are you facing? Did you try anything new this week?

Goal 12/31/09 56.2
2009 Weight Loss-to-date -18.0

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Goal #3 20
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