Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday - 5/20/09

Another low week. I lost .2 pounds on my scale and WW. The low weight loss has happened two weeks in a row so I questioned it. There wasn't anything that should have caused it to only be .2 pounds this week. I talked to my WW leader. She said that since I am more active than I was in previous weeks my body is probably building muscle and losing inches. In a few weeks, I should start seeing the results...she wants me to give it to more weeks. So, we'll see. Since I will be returning to work on Tuesday, I will be weighing in on Wednesday at home and Saturday at WW. I will post twice a week in regards to my weight loss.

My energy levels have sky rocketed! I have been so active this past week. I have been walking/running on the treadmill. I actually ran my first full mile and a half Monday night. If you've been around here long, you know I am NOT a runner and never was so this is a BIG step for me. I've done my strength training three times this week. I've also been very active around the house (hours of sitting are few and far between). I've been trying to get a lot of things done before returning to work so I have literally spent all day working on the yard and/or pool. Both are done now!

On Tuesday, I picked up my EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for Wii. I gave it a try yesterday morning. It seems to be a good workout. I'm having trouble with the resistance band though. No matter how many times I fold it under my foot it just doesn't seem like it offers enough resistance. I have a few bands that I've been working with so I'm going to swap it out and see how that works.

My eating is still really good. It has improved majorly since the first few months of the year. I've even been eating all my daily recommended items and more filling foods. I've even found that my sweet tooth has really decreased. It's not as sweet as what it used to be. However, I think I have tamed this with feeding it everyday with a WW ice cream or another low point dessert. So, I treat myself everyday as long as I have 2 points left at the end of the day. I think this has helped.

The thing that I will be focusing on this week is and next is eating in moderation and being prepared when arriving at the cookouts, graduation and birthday parties that we have planned for the next two weekends. It all kicks off tomorrow with my birthday. I don't really see any of them being a problem. I will have a filling salad before heading out to a few of them though. I will definitely be taking my cooler of water along too.

My goal this week is to keep up with my workouts. With returning to work, this will be a tough one. By the time I return home from work, it will be time to head to baseball games. The other goal is continuing with my healthy eating. I currently eat on a schedule. Going back to work will mess with schedule. It will take a couple days to get a schedule worked out but I hope to take it within the first couple. I'm not putting a weight loss goal out there this week since I have enough challenges ahead of me this week.

How did you do this week? What challenges are you facing? Did you try anything new this week?

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2009 Weight Loss-to-date -14.6

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