Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weigh In - Week ending 8/8/09

Last week I weighed in on my scale down 1.0 pound. At Weight Watchers, I was down 0.2 pound. I didn’t lose the whole 1.2 pounds that I had gained the week before. I didn’t hit my August 8th goal of 40 pounds either. So, I’ve decided to keep the 40 pound goal but remove the date part of it. I will be honest that this new job has really added a lot of stress. As I mentioned early on in my weight loss journey, I am an emotional eater. With that being said, you can probably imagine what I’ve been doing over the past week.

With the end/beginning of the month at work, I normally do not get a scheduled lunch hour. I have to eat while I work. I’m not used to that and it has become more of an all day eat fest. I didn’t really do too bad since I had a lot of healthy low point items with me. However, I didn’t get to take my lunch hour walk. I did walk/run a couple nights at my son’s football practices. It was rough since the track around the football field is gravel. There were two nights that I did my strength training – upper body one night and lower body the other. Other than that, I didn’t do much.

This weekend, my fiance’ and I took a little trip to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I would have never thought a little trip could play such a big roll in my motivation to lose weight. On Saturday night, we had plans to eat at Montgomery Inn Boathouse then go enjoy the city nightlife. I already new that neither of those would get in my way as far as my weight loss (it would be the made to order breakfast omelets). It was stepping out of the shower in front of a huge mirror that made me realize that I have come a long way in my weight loss journey but I have a LOT more to go. There’s only one full length mirror in our house and it’s not in our bathroom (and in a way, it’s a good thing). I was very disappointed in what I saw but it helped me to stay focused during the evening and even at breakfast the next morning. Yep, I had an omelet. If that’s what you want to call it. It had a ton of veggies (even spinach), no cheese and very little egg cooked in a pan with very little oil. Thank goodness the cook was a lady and understood where I was coming from when I ordered it. I didn’t even walk out to check out the rest of the items and turned the bacon, sausage and potatoes down that the cook offered to load up on my plate.

Now I’m back and ready to get closer to my goal this week (even with that monthly calling). So, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I will do my strength training in the morning and my cardio at night. I will run/walk at my son’s football practice. I’m also going to go with eating every 2-3 hours while I am at work. I’m usually starved by the time I get home so I’m going to spread my points/eating out a little bit more to try to eliminate it. I will not be able to weigh in on Saturday morning since the pig shows start at 9:00 am. I’ll have to find a time to go to Weight Watchers during the week or wait until the following Saturday. (I like to weigh in at the same time or nearly the same time as I do on Saturday mornings so if I can’t find another center or a time on Friday morning I’ll have to hold off until the following week.)

Hopefully you haven’t lost speed and motivation in your weight loss journey as I have over the past couple of weeks. I’m getting back on track and going to get the rest of these unwanted pounds off. Anyone want them because their coming off and someone’s got to take them?

Goal 12/31/09 56.2
2009 Weight Loss-to-date -27.6

Weight Watcher Weight Loss (Updated on Saturday)

Goal #5
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