Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giving It Another Try

My first 5K was a bummer. I did not get to run. I had to take my youngest son with me that morning so we cheered on a few runners that I knew. The best part though my money went to support a great organization.

I have signed up for the next 5K in the area – the Panerathon 5K. All proceeds benefit the Children's Hunger Alliance.

I’m not really out to “win” the race but to finish it. Since this is my first 5K, I don’t want to set a time to beat that’s not realistic for me. I know my time when I run the same distance on my treadmill in the privacy of our garage while watching a good show on television. I don’t see that being the same when I’m nervous, anxious and surrounded by a crowd of people. Plus I haven’t ran since Thanksgiving Day when I was wrapped up the Macy’s Day parade and ran a 5K plus! I plan to get at least 2 runs in prior to Saturday morning *fingers crossed*. I’ll be back to let you know how it goes.

I almost forgot to add that the special bonus of the Panerathon is that my kids will be running as well. They have a special kid’s ¼ mile run prior to the start of the 5K. My kids asked to run which I think is great. I wouldn’t force my kids to run since I’ve always hated running. It’s great that they see the benefits of running and doing it for a great cause.

While I’m on the subject of running, I was asked the other day - why a 5K? For me, it’s quick (and hopefully painless). I think this will be the motivation that I need to get back into my fitness routine. Once I have a race time, I will set out to beat it (yes, I have a competitive drive). I found
this article that I thought was interesting too.

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