Monday, May 3, 2010

5K Recap: I did it!

I’m about a week late posting the results of my first 5K. The best part was my kids got to run prior to me heading to the starting line. It wasn’t a long run but both of them participated. It was great to see that they wanted to be like mom! My older son finished his race and told me that he wants to practice running so he can run a 5K with me.

It wasn’t the best of weather. There was a steady rain for most of the morning. Actually, up until the start of 5K the rain stuck around. I was nervous to say the least. I had two friends running with me. We were all going to start together but take off at our own pace once the crowd spread out.

The race started… Within the ½ mile, I had gotten a cramp in my calf and had to walk. It wasn’t a good start but that wasn’t the end of the bad. The 5K flyer had mentioned a flat course but when we turned the corner there was a hill. It was course that you ran out turned around and came back the same route. I knew if I ran down it – I was eventually going to have to run up it but not before having to run up a steeper hill. What happened to the flat course?!?! Flat because it was pavement versus a trail? I walked more than I had planned. My plan, since I hadn’t run since Thanksgiving Day, was to run a couple minutes, walk 1 minute. At times my walks were much longer.

I finished in 39:07 minutes. Not great but I finished which was my goal. My goal is to keep getting quicker and better because my ultimate goal is to run it without walking.

Since the day of the race, I have not run any! It’s sad but right now there are things going on in my life that are way more important. Hopefully within the next couple weeks (or maybe even today), I can take a half an hour and put it towards running so I can get on with my next 5K!

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