Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the winner is...

(This is what happened to me yesterday.)

Do you register/play radio station contests? I do. I’m usually able to get in on some free tickets. Yeah, tickets…never money and nothing overly exciting. My last win was in back in October. I won tickets to a Mike Posner concert. No, I didn’t attend the concert…I gave the tickets away but I was excited that I won.

The local radio station is giving away spa packages. I thought it would be perfect if I won. I mean, who wouldn’t want a spa day?!? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win…even though I listen almost every time they call out a name. This morning I was away from my desk and came back just as they were calling out the name. It was mine!!! I was so excited, nervous, anxious… I picked up the phone to call and I couldn’t remember the number. I had to look it up online. I couldn’t believe it – I won something other than concert tickets.

So...the lady at the radio station answered in a very calm voice.

I said, “I just heard my name for the spa days contest.”

Lady – “What’s your name?”

Me – I told her my name.

Lady – “What’s your address?”

Me – I told her my address

I was thinking come on…I only have a couple minutes to get in to receive the prize. HURRY UP! Then she put me on hold. Hold that seemed like forever…but I was being connected to the morning show. YIPPIE!

They asked me my name and then went in to telling me about the package. I was still in shock…I was completely speechless. The morning show put me on hold after they were done taking the call. After about a minute, one of the morning show hosts came on the line to collect more personal information. Since there is a chance of winning a cruise, I had to provide my phone number so they can call me if I win. Fingers crossed but it will be highly unlikely (refer to paragraph #1).

Now I just have to find time in my busy schedule to make a trip to the radio station to pick up my prize (within the next 10 days) then book my spa day. I can't wait!

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