Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Local Readers: Free Personalized Call From Santa

Back again this year - a free personalized call from Santa. For the local readers, you may have done this last year but I wanted to post it for those that may not know about it or maybe forgot about it. We had so much fun with this in the past couple years.

Cincinnati Bell will be sending personalized phone calls from Santa to good boys and girls. These calls are free. However, the calls can only be made to the following area codes: 513, 812, 859, and 937. You even get to pick the date and the time frame the call is made. They have a list of boy and girl names to choose from. Hopefully, your child's name is in there so it can be personalized and they can think that Santa really called them. Click here to set up your call(s). You can set up more than one call to the same number; they just can't be at the same time frame.

Unfortunately, my name didn't make the list...but that's ok, my sister's didn't either. Oh, wait - it did say calls to good boys and girls. "Good" being the key word!

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